We offer project and business development, market entry, and strategic advisory services to investors, and companies primarily in the entertainment, new media and clean technology sectors.





Expedition China begins airing on Discovery Velocity. Turner Fox Productions facilitated this landmark 13 episode co-production 


U.S. - China productions, services, & Strategic consulting


Turner Fox Productions Inc. helps international companies to develop, launch, and grow  U.S. - China  ventures ranging from television and film co-production projects to identifying strategic investments and partners.



Keith Neuburt

Breatwater Entertainment

"Turner Fox Productions assisted me with my first successful co-production in China. She successfully guided me through a myriad of challenges, and without her help it would have been impossible to achieve success."  


  • U.S. China Co-productions
  • Strategic Consulting 
  •  Investment
  • Strategic Partnerships


top professionals from u.s. & China

The team at Turner Fox Productions brings a wealth of experience to every project. With decades living and working in both the U.S. and China, our principals have an unparalled  understanding of how to successfully bridge both business cultures.


We identify strategic investments and partners for both U.S. and Chinese clients.

We provide high level strategic consulting to private sector companies,  non-profits and governments.

Turner Fox Productions is a leader in U.S. - Chinese co - productions in TV, Film and New Media.



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